Win a Birthday Party for 10 children!

We are having a blast preparing for upcoming birthday parties, and want to offer you a chance to WIN a party for your child!

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Tell us: “What is your child’s favorite TV/movie character?”

Contest ends Monday, October 12, 2015 at 11pm. Winner announced on Tuesday 10/13!

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59 Comments on “Win a Birthday Party for 10 children!”

  1. My middle hold turns two!! And she loves Dora!! We’d love a party at the Imagine That Museum!

  2. Anya and Danika will be 4 in December, their favorite characters are Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We took them for the 1st time to Imagine That back in April. I think we loved it just as much as them. Would LOVE to come back for a Party! !

  3. My son loves Imagine That! He does not have a favorite yet, as he is only 17 months and doesn’t watch much TV or any movies. If I had to pick, I’d say Curious George.

  4. My son is Lightning McQueen’s biggest fan! So much that he will dressing up as him for Halloween! We love Imagine That and would love to celebrate our son’s 5th birthday with you!

  5. My son is two his name is Issac, he loves trucks & airplanes. An Imagine that party would be awesome!

  6. My daughter loves ImagineThat and Carissa. She loves all Disney movies. Elsa and Anna, Aurora, Mulan, Ariel, Merida. She always finds something new to do when we come. Great place for kids and their imaginations.

  7. We love Imagine That!!! We have had parties at Imagine That and we keep coming back!! Our sons favorite characters are Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, and Peep. We would love to win a birthday party!!! Thank you for the entry.

  8. My daughter loves all the Disney princess but adores Cinderella the most. We love Imagine That! Can’t get enough of it! Would love to have her birthday party there!

  9. My oldest and middle child will turn 6 and 4 in November. The both love Mary Poppins. I wish we could have my son’s (middle one) birthday at Imagine That!

  10. My little guy absolutely loves Thomas and his Friends. Between the show, and all of the books and toys, I feel like it’s strange when I see a train that doesn’t have a face…including NJ Transit! LOL

  11. This year Jaz turns 5! My daughter’s favorite character is VANELLOPE VON SCHWEETZ from “Wreck it Ralph”. She loves her, says she looks like her!

  12. My almost 4 year old loves anything Emergency/Fire/Police related and loves watching old episodes of Emergency (likes John) and Chips (Frank and Ponch). He wants to be a police officer just like his daddy (or maybe a fireman lol). We would be delighted to win a birthday party, thanks for the opportunity.

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