Oh hello! If you are reading this most likely you have unsubscribed to our email list.

This may due to a number of reasons, but we are guessing....

Most of you have either kids that are over the age of 8 and they have moved on to bigger kid stuff/college/jobs.

OR maybe you subscribed for a contest, or promotion.

OR you are a teacher that isn't in a grade outside of the pre-k to 2nd age group.

It could be other things too...

Regardless, thank you!

Thanks for engaging, visiting, playing and partying with us.

Spending your precious time at our playplace means alot, and we hope that you continue to enjoy yourself and your time with your family.

Feel free to leave a memory in this link, we would love to know if you have a special memory you would like to share. Or email us with a favorite picture and memory (let us know if we can share or not, we'd love to share pics from past visits)

 From all of us at Imagine That!

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