May 13, 2020 – COVID UPDATE

May 13th 2020

Dear Loyal Patrons,

For over 30 years Imagine That Children’s Museum has been family owned and operated. We have been visited by so many families throughout not only our state, but across the country. Our thoughts are with all of you, our fantastic team members and all those impacted by the current situation.

During the past two months since we have been closed Tony has been here every day working to both update & thoroughly clean Imagine That (and of course feeding our little fishies!). Though we have always been known for our cleanliness, Tony has gone above and beyond to clean every inch of the facility, including going up on the scissor lift to clean ducts, walls & vents. He has repainted almost the entire center and we have been cleaning, updating and adding new exhibits. Just prior to closing in March, we had implemented new sanitizing procedures. We added many more hand sanitizers – more than doubling the amount we previously had placed around the building. We also added buckets for toys that need to be disinfected. Our staff had begun to carry Clorox wipes on them wiping things down as they went about their job. Our air filters had been changed. And as always, we have been using high quality industrial cleaning equipment that both sanitizes the floors and also leaves no residue, unlike mopping.

When we reopen we will continue with all of these enhanced disinfecting procedures and there will be other safety precautions put in place.  One rule we would like to highlight is that,  upon reopening we will be only offering advanced ticket sales in order to severely limit the number of people allowed in the building. There will be others yet to be determined by the state, as we will continue to take our lead from our Governor.

We will be sure to let you know with bells and whistles when we have a reopening date. We miss you all & can’t wait to hear the sound of children laughing and music playing again. Thank you for your continued support.  Please stay safe & healthy!

Cheryl and Tony

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  1. Do you guys know when you will be opening yet 🙂 I have never been to your place befor and would love to come check it out

  2. We are about to announce our indoor re-opening starting on 7/7/2020!!! Please check our homepage later today!

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