Referral Program

Refer a Friend and Get Rewarded!

📢 Want to get $5 off an event? Spread the word about our Summer Series and get REWARDED!👏👏**

Announcing Imagine That’s Referral Program:

We want to reward you for putting in a good word for us!
For a limited time we will offer a $5 credit for a REFERRAL of a NEW CUSTOMER.

Here are the steps:

1️⃣ Let your friends know about our upcoming events. (see sample message below to copy paste)

2️⃣ Let them know to fill out the “How did you hear about us?” upon purchase with your FULL NAME.

3️⃣Email us to let us know to be on the lookout for their purchase! (

4️⃣ Once we verify name with purchase we will credit your account on file with $5

Help us put on more shows, and get REWARDED!

*Referral Bonus ends 8/30/2021

**Referral Bonus PROGRAM requires you to be in our ticketing system, if you have purchased tickets for general admission or an event from July 2020-PRESENT you will be in our system.

Sample Message to copy and paste:

Hey friends, Wanted to share that Imagine That in Florham Park is having an outdoor summer series, starting May 1, they have lots of fun events coming up for families, here’s the link to learn more:

If you decide to go, please let me know! We get a $5 credit for any new people who purchase a reservation! So if you want to spread the word, you can get a discount too- Link to referral bonus program:

Thanks to all our patrons for taking the time to learn about our referral program!

Cheryl & Tony

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