Win 2 tickets to our Superhero Breakfast!

SUPERHERO BREAKFAST IS COMING!!! Batman and Spiderman will be there! September 26 at 10AM!!! Join our mailing list by commenting below, with your email address for a chance to win 2 tickets* !

Tell us: “Who’s your child’s favorite super hero?”

*(1 child and 1 adult)

Contest ends Thursday, September 16, 2015 at 11pm. Winner announced on Friday!

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39 Comments on “Win 2 tickets to our Superhero Breakfast!”

  1. It changes, but right now my daughter’s favorite is the Hulk (and it’s hard to find Hulk stuff for girls!) She is 3.5 years old.

  2. My daughter Reese and I love wonder women! Not only is she strong n beautiful she could fly ! Go girl power !

  3. Favorite super hero is The Hulk and Captain America. As my son say “they help to save the world and we need that”. Petros is 5 years old.

  4. Loukas, age 2.8 years , favorite super hero is Spiderman. Loves to fly him in the air, has Spiderman drive cars, and sings the Spiderman song.

  5. Petros is 5 years old and loves the Hulk and Captain America. Petros says “they help to save the world and we need that”.

  6. Carley, who is almost three runs around the house yelling I’m Supergirl and I have superpowers!!

  7. Sidh’s (4 yrs) favorite superhero is Spider-Man and his brother Yuven’s (2 yrs) favorite superhero is Sidh !

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